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    William Cafarella has a deep understanding of his industry. Make sure to do your due diligence when making such an extensive purchase and attempt to keep your emotions in check. Reach out to him at Coral Springs Nissan, the largest Nissan dealer on the planet, for additional insights or when you are ready to make a car purchase. “Coral Springs Nissan sells more Nissans than any other dealership in the world!”, William Cafarella proclaims.

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    William Cafarella has managed a car dealership for over twenty years. He is an extremely successful manager, and his employees not only respect him but they also enjoy working for him. Having a happy and motivated staff is an essential step in the process. He says if you treat your employees well...
    William Cafarella has been helping car dealerships run more efficiently for many years and has many valuable insights that make him good at what he does. For example, he recently investigated a handful of new software programs and innovations that can help make your dealership easier to run. In...
    The travel industry has made significant shifts over the last few years due to mobility restrictions and the economic downturn. In this same time period, prices of used cars have escalated, and chip shortages have limited new car production availability. One highly experienced cars salesmen has a...
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